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Бензина / Benzina

Description of the project

Benzina is an image loading library that accelerates image loading and preprocessing by making use of the hardware decoder in NVIDIA’s GPUs.

Since it minimize the use of the CPU and of the GPU computing units, it’s easier to reach saturation of GPU computing power / CPU. In our tests using ResNet18 models in PyTorch on the ImageNet 2012 dataset, we could observe an increase by 2.4x the amount of images loaded, preprocessed then processed by the model when using a single CPU and GPU:

Data loader CPU CPU Workers GPU GPU compute speed Pipeline effective speed
PyTorch ImageFolder Intel Xeon E5-2623* 2 Tesla V100* 1050 img/s 400 img/s
Benzina Intel Xeon E5-2623* 1 Tesla V100* 1050 img/s 960 img/s


  • Intel Xeon E5-2623 is the Xeon E5-2623 v3 @ 3.00 GHz version
  • Tesla V100 is the Tesla V100 PCIE 16GB version

The name “Benzina” is a phonetic transliteration of the Ukrainian word “Бензина”, meaning “gasoline” (or “petrol”).

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